Statrat Baseball by 22Fresh

If you like myself are a “statrat” then you will love this App. The App is called Statrat, this App allows a player to keep track of their stats, keep in touch with teammates and brag just a little. This App can be used for both hitters and pitchers. As a hitter you are able to track Hits, RBI’s, Home Runs, Stolen Bases, etc. Pitchers can track their Wins, Walks, K’s, ERA, etc.


Statrat is used by several Major Leaguer players such as Bryce Harper , Michael Morse, Logan Morrison and more!

You can also enter each season you may play such as your college season, then summer ball and fall ball. Another cool feature is other users can fist pound your stat line and if you get enough fist pounds you make the “Beauties” page where everyone can see how well you performed on that day!


Statrat is currently free on the App Store, so take advantage and start tracking your career.

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Two Hands Pro: Defensive Tool 

The newest way to improve your defensive skills has hit the market- Two Hands Pro. Two Hands Pro is an inserted device that can fit any glove. The Two Hands Pro forces your glove to stay open by using a two hand technique. The Two Hands Pro will get you a soft hands approach  and a quick transition to throwing. It helps to stop errors and build your confidence!


Two Hands Pro

Here is what has been said about the Two Hands Pro:

“Two Hands Pro Defensive Training tool is perfect for teaching the fundamentals of defense.””

— Bill Bryk “MLB Scout of the Year 2013″ AZ Diamondbacks

“It should be in every kids bag.”

— Pedro Gomez “ESPN”

““I really like it. Helps you not be too fast, helps you to slow down and field it correctly. Helps you get use to grabbing the ball from the middle of gloves pocket, where sometimes I don’t grab the ball cleanly and that throws off my mechanics which leads to ERRORS.”

— KC Serna “Short Stop” Philadelphia Phillies(AA)

“This tool helped me master the defensive game, I was drafted out of high school. I had been using a version of this tool since I was 12.”

— The inventor D.J. Jackson “Drafted by LA Dodgers at 17 years old.”

“It helps me remember to use both hands.”

— Joe Cozenza “9u Player from Simi Valley Youth baseball”


Here is a demo video for the Two Hands Pro:

Make sure you check out Two Hands Pro on Social Media:

If you are looking to take your game to the next level make sure you check out

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Dux Sports

Let’s take a deeper look into the company Dux Sports. Dux Sports is an accessory and apparel company. Their mission is to get you to look and feel your best, on and off the field. Dux Sports carry Glasses, arm sleeves, batting gloves and apparel. The best attribute about their company is the products are both affordable and the quality is great.  

 Batting Gloves come in (White, Blue, Red, & Black) 

Gamer series glasses! 

Arm Sleeve (Black)

Dux Sports is a socially driven brand dedicated to connect with their audience and change people’s lives while making them look good!

   Follow them on social media:

Instagram: dux_sports

Twitter: dux_sports

Check out their website at :

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Keap Athletic Shorts

Had trouble keeping your phone and items in your pockets while taking a round of BP or fielding ground balls? There is now a solution to your problem. The new athletic shorts from Keap Athletics. They are made to keep your items from falling out your pockets. The pockets are horizontally cut instead of vertically. They measure 11″ deep, and do a remarkable job of keeping your belongs safe. No other athletic shorts do a better job of combining security with functionality.


These shorts are 100% polyester fabric that is both comfortable and durable.

These shorts have a 10.5″ inseam cut that is perfectly tailored for a modern look and feel.

Features a 2″ waistband with an extra wide interior drawstring for comfort and have reinforced stitching at the pocket stress points.

The difference between all other athletic shorts and Keap athletic shorts.





As you can see in the two Gifs below, Keap athletic shorts keeps your phone in your pocket while the other pair of shorts does not.

Being a ballplayer myself these shorts will be great for when I am at the gym, or in the cages.


Keap Athletics recently raised over $20,000 with over 500 backers on Kick Starter. They are now taking pre orders on their website

The shorts come in three colors: Black, Summit Grey , and Crisp Coral. (Shown below)







Check them out at:

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Flights of bacon? Ribs in a helmet? The Ballpark Concessions Singularity is upon us.

Originally posted on HardballTalk:

The “Singularity” refers to a notion that, eventually, our technology will push so far that it will lead to a point where artificial intelligence will exceed human intellectual capacity, thereby radically changing civilization. We will lose complete control, life will become unpredictable and possibly even terrifying. Our creations may bring about our very own destruction.

A related phenomenon: the Ballpark Concessions Singularity, when we lose control over the insanely over-the-top terrible-for-you novelty food they trot out each spring. I mean, it was nice and life-enhancing when we moved beyond mere hot dogs and peanuts and into things like nachos. But we’re entering into a chain reaction of concessions escalation from which we’re unlikely to emerge unscathed on the other side.

The latest example: what the White Sox will be serving at U.S. Cellular Field this year:

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Cardinals add “OT” patch for Oscar Taveras

Originally posted on HardballTalk:

There’s been some controversy about this, but the Cardinals will go ahead with their plan …

Oscar Taveras died last October when he crashed his sports car into a tree while driving drunk in the Dominican Republic. His 18-year-old girlfriend Edilia Arvelo was also killed. If Taveras had survived, he would have been charged with vehicular homicide, but the Cardinals haven’t shied away from that and what they’re honoring here is the entire life of someone they loved. Taveras, ranked the game’s No. 3 prospect by Baseball America before the 2014 season, was supposed to take over as the Cards’ starting right fielder in 2015.

You don’t see a No. 18 on the patch because Taveras’ best friend on the Cardinals, Dominican right-hander Carlos Martinez, will wear the number in Oscar’s honor…

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Commissioner Rob Manfred indicates he will consider Pete Rose reinstatement request

Originally posted on OutsidePitchMLB LLC:

Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images North America Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images North America

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has stated that he has received a formal request for reinstatement to the sport from the all-time hits leader, Pete Rose. Furthermore, Manfred says that he will consider the request, according to ESPN’s Mark Saxon.

The change in commissioner that happened this off-season presented a golden opportunity for Rose to submit a third request for reinstatement, and Rose has done exactly that. The success of his newest petition is still up in the air, as Manfred has been mum about which way he is leaning or how quickly he will make a decision.

“I want to make sure I understand all of the details of the Dowd Report and Commissioner [Bart] Giamatti’s decision and the agreement that was ultimately reached. I want to hear what Pete has to say, and I’ll make a decision once I’ve done that….Honestly…

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VIDEO: Carlos Pena explains hitting mechanics through “Effective Velocity”

Originally posted on HardballTalk:

Former major league slugger Carlos Pena joined MLB Network as a studio analyst in December. He recently did a segment for MLB Tonight about hitting mechanics using Perry Husband’s concept of “Effective Velocity.” I guarantee you’ll learn something:

Pena is a natural at this TV thing. Hope to see a lot more of him and more cool stuff like this in the future.

If you want to learn more about “Effective Velocity,” read this excellent piece by Jason Turbow of

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Video: Mets offer predictions for Best Picture

Originally posted on HardballTalk:

Jon Niese, Matt Harvey, and Travis d’Arnaud offer predictions for tonight’s Academy Awards …

Not that anyone cares, but I’ll guess “Boyhood” has a huge night, taking Best Picture and a few others.

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Pocket Radar- Radar Gun

Looking to measure how fast you throw? Searching to find your ball exit speed ? If so, Pocket Radar offers radar guns that do just that. Pocket Radar offers two models. The classic radar gun and the Ball Coach. The Ball Coach is what I would recommend for ballplayers who are looking for a more accurate reading. The Ball Coach won “The Best of Show” in the 2014 ABCA Convention.


“The new Ball Coach model is the result of direct feedback from top coaches on their specific needs. The ball tracking technology in this model is specifically designed
to automatically find the fastest speed of a ball in flight. It can measure the speed of the incoming pitch and outgoing hit.” (From “Best of Show Winners” Article)

Full article here:

The Ball Coach is listed at a reasonable price of $299.99. Compared to other radar guns that can cost you upwards of $1,000 , this is a great deal for a quality product. If you’re looking for something that is reliable, and affordable, then the Ball Coach is for you.

So what’s the difference between the Ball Coach and Classic?




So let’s take a look at a video comparing the Ball Coach to higher priced radar guns!

As you can see, the Ball Coach hangs right there with the $500-$1,000 radar guns.

-Andy Lopez, University of Arizona
3 Time Div. 1 National Coach of the Year
2 National Championships (1992 and 2012)

Check out our YouTube video featuring the Ball Coach: 

First hand, the Ball Coach is very convenient because you are able to throw it in your pocket and it’s right there when you need it. It’s simple to use. Once I showed it to my teammates they were able to use the product in minutes. Due to its capability of holding the last twenty five pitches in memory, I was able to locate the fastest pitch during my teammates bullpen session. We also used it to record our ball exit speed. In addition, we will continue to use it throughout the winter to see our progression as the season approaches.

More Details About The Ball Coach:


Range: Ball Speed from 120 feet Away 25 to 130 MPH (Accuracy +/- 1 MPH)

Recall Memory: 25 speed readings

Size: 4.7 x 2.3 x 0.8 inches

Weight: 4.5 ounces with batteries

Battery Life (Typical Use): Manual Trigger Mode > 2,000 Readings Constant-On Mode > 1 Hour with 2 new alkaline AAA batteries (included) or 2 new NiMH rechargeable batteries (not included)

Product Includes: Belt Holster Case, Wrist Strap, Quick Start Guide 2 Year Warranty

If you are looking to see how many miles per hour you gained on that fastball or how fast the ball is coming off the bat, I would highly recommend checking out Pocket Radar.





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