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Top Tarp Fails & Fun

Originally posted on CBS Baltimore:

Usually, rain delays are are occupied by MLB blooper reels or classic moments in your teams history but every now and then the action on the field takes the place of those video montages and become a blooper reel in themselves. The grounds crew in Chicago recently ran into some issues with their big blue tarp during a torrential downpour that caused some uproar from the visiting Giants. Now that that’s all been resolved feel free to enjoy the video over and over again.

Here’s a few other moments where that giant sheet of plastic became a giant source of entertainment.

This guy had his own Indiana Jones moment.

This tarp takes out an entire grounds crew at Joliet, Illinois Slammers game.

That’s one stubborn tarp.

The visiting Phillies had to go save the Rockies’ grounds crew.

These guys from Vancouver really know how to enjoy a rain delay, Rick…

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Mo’ne Davis, Little League Phenom and Sports Illustrated Cover Girl, Pitches Tonight

Originally posted on The Big Lead:

mo'ne davis little league world series

Mo’ne Davis, the biggest deal in the sports world right now – sorry, Johnny Manziel – takes the mound tonight for Philadelphia with an opportunity to pitch the Taney Dragons into the American Championship game.

Davis, 13, has captivated Philadelphia, which is a hard thing to do at 13-years old and not quite a freshman in high school. She’s on the cover of Sports Illustrated. With a win tonight – she’s virtually unhittable, so good luck, Nevada – she may cement her status as one of the most famous Little League pitchers of all-time.

And you know ESPN is loving this – she’s moving the meter!

Taney’s walk-off win over Pearland, Texas, on Sunday drew a 1.5 rating that was a 71-percent increase over the same game in 2013, according to the network. It was the second-highest overnight rating for a non-world series championship on ESPN2, it said.

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Yup! Mo’Ne Davis is on the cover of Sports Illustrated

Originally posted on USA Today High School Sports:

Who else did you expect? Johnny Manziel? He’s got plenty of time to come. This is Mo’Ne Davis’ hour, and Sports Illustrated honored the Pennsylvania youth pitching phenom by placing her on its cover.

You can see the pitcher’s first cover directly above. The headline underscores the impact that she’s had on the American sports psyche in such a concentrated timeframe, and it’s hard to argue. We won’t be forgetting her name anytime soon, just as we still have Danny Almonte in the back of our mind.

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Giveaways! Please Read.

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Little Joe Loudmouth, Epic Manager Meltdowns

Originally posted on CBS Sacramento:

Here’s the latest manager meltdown courtesy of Joe Mikulik, manager of the Class A Myrtle Beach Pelicans.  This isn’t the first time that 1 of his meltdowns became a viral video.  Joe disagreed with the call and displays his frustrations with a slide into home and undressing at the plate.  Enjoy!

Where does this rank all time?

Here are a couple of my favorites…

Former major league manager Lou Piniella is no stranger to melting down.  Here is a classic video of Lou as the manager of the Chicago Cubs kicking his hat around after getting tossed from the game.  Oh Sweet Lou!

I can’t have a blog about epic manager meltdowns without Earl Weaver of course.  Earl is well known for his epic meltdowns and here is one of my all time favorites.  The best part of this video is the exchange between the ump and Weaver.  Oh, and caution BAD LANGUAGE!

And finally, probably the best…

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Manfred Elected Next MLB Commissioner

Originally posted on CBS Atlanta:

BALTIMORE (AP) — Rob Manfred has been elected baseball’s 10th commissioner and will succeed Bud Selig in January.

A labor lawyer who has worked for Major League Baseball since 1998, Manfred beat out Boston Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner on Thursday in the first contested vote for a new commissioner in 46 years.

The 55-year-old, who grew up in Rome, New York, must address issues that include decreased youth interest and the longer games. He has served as MLB’s chief operating officer for the past year.

Selig turned 80 last month and has ruled baseball since September 1992, when he was among the owners who forced Commissioner Fay Vincent’s resignation. He said he intends to retire in January.

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Varo Revolutionary Bat Weight!

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