This needs to be my kid

  As you can see from this video, this kid is definitely a future stud. The swing was impeccable and his sniper was a 10/10. 

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Little League Great Reaction to Home Run

When you let up a home run you should be mad right? Well Mekhi Garrard, pitcher for the Midwest team in the Little League World Series wasn’t mad but was in awe.  Cole Wagner from the Mid-Atlantic team put a beautiful lefty swing and blasted a grand slam to center field.


This reaction was priceless…

Im not a big fan of the Little League World Series as they play on 200 FT. fences with loaded metal bats. But, this shot from Cole Wagner was a no doubter that should impress no matter what. It’s also one of the best swings I’ve seen from the Little League World Series!

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Pitcher Daniel Norris goes deep in first major league at bat

In his first plate appearance as a Detroit Tiger, Daniel Norris took one swing and sent a 94 mph fastball from Jon Lester over the centerfield fence. He is the first American League pitcher to hit a home run at Wrigley Field.

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Rain Delay Fun

What do you like to do during a rain delay? Well the Clemson Baseball team and the Davidson baseball team had some fun during their rain delay.

Check it out:

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Best Little League Speech Ever?

Will there ever be a better speech than coach David Belisle’s given last year when his team was eliminated?

If you have never seen this speech from last year check it out:

Coach David made another appearance so far this year, but not as a coach. ESPN invited the coach back to help with the broadcasting.

Which coach will step up this year with another unforgettable speech? Well find out…

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Marcus Stroman: HDMH

Cool video on Marcus Stroman:

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PHOTO: Pregnant mom lands Little League the ultimate viral marketing TV spot

Little League Mom Plus Slogan Equaled Great Screengrab:

Little League uses the slogan “Grow the Game” for i… — Cameron West (@Sports42Fanatic) August 15, 2015 Someone get this ESPN producer an Emmy already. During a recent ESPN telecast of a regional tournament, roving cameras captured a future mom-to-be, apparently for at least the second […]

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Brewers minor leaguer David Denson becomes first openly gay player in MLB-affiliated ball

Denson was a 15th-round pick in 2013 out of South Hills High School in West Covina, California. The 20-year-old has batted .240/.355/.379 in 179 professional games.

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Video: Yoenis Cespedes showed off his arm again

Do not run on Yoenis Cespedes.

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